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Charles and Linda Lee Bukowski.


Charles and Linda Lee Bukowski.

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Deerhunter - Twilight at Carbon Lake

Go to the ocean on a ship
Wave goodbye to the waves
And the frozen shit
That was in your heart

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And suddenly she was immensely calm and indifferent to anything that had ever happened or could possibly happen to her. It was like that. Just when in another moment your brain would burst, it was always like that. She sat placidly with her knees rather wide apart, and her eyes fixed calm.

She felt nothing, except that she was tired and that she wished to be left alone to rest there, quietly, in the darkened room. It seemed to her that she had been there forever and that she always would be there, and that getting up, moving, would be impossible. But they must leave her alone, leave her alone. Then even that thought left her. She floated…floated….And shut her eyes.

– Jean Rhys, After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie
accidentally pulling off the 90s poet look at this family christmas dinner

accidentally pulling off the 90s poet look at this family christmas dinner

Lovers, 2012
Olivia Bee

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prostitute in moscow, 1991peter turnley

prostitute in moscow, 1991
peter turnley

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“I found a fairyland right inside myself here, ‘cause it let me. When I lived in South Jersey or whatever, there was no…no time for day dreaming. And life was simpler there. You weren’t hassled, you didn’t have people trying to hold you up or goose you and stuff like that. But that’s all there was. There was no chance for extension. There was no chance to be destroyed or really be created there. Just lived, and that’s okay for some people, but I always felt something different stirring in me, and that’s what…that’s like why I came here, ‘cause I knew there was stuff inside me that…that could like flower. Maybe it would really ruin me. Maybe I’d feel really shitty about it. But at least it would come out.”

– Patti Smith, Dream of Life

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