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Delicate | Damien Rice

“I’d never chosen to be alone, but that was the way things had turned out, and I’d grown used to it.”

– Sebastian Faulks, Engleby (2007)

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Tracey EminI said there is not time left, a deep intense sleeplessness, no time for heart, no time for love.


Tracey Emin
I said there is not time left, a deep intense sleeplessness, no time for heart, no time for love.

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a small blue soldier on the dashboard of a car driving somewhere by megan boyle

  Drives to nowhere are the best drives. A major discovery happens during the quiet moments in life. Things accumulate to represent an evolution in time. Such things mark off the hours, days, months and years that make up life. Eventually the material things get to have these small fragments of memory caked on them. Pieces of the memories break away either due to editing or due to too much to remember. With movement the pieces fall away to leave the best lasting impressions.
                Relationships bond together individuals. How this happens is hard to explain. Nobody ever intends to enter a relationship. One day it simply happens. The awkward meeting leads to greater better less awkward meetings. People like feeling each other out. Uncomfortable silences in time become much more comfortable. Silence indicates that there is a thought going on that tries to wind itself around the silent participants. 
                Multiple relationships can occur simultaneously. This is common. Geography means that people have large hurdles to overcome. Hence individuals find themselves with many friends spread around the world. Bluntly they talk about their opinions on everything holding nothing back. Without a filter they can get away with such direct ways of speaking. A few people can get away with such behavior to everybody else the language is abrasive. 
                Collapses happen. People break up, break apart, and go their separate ways. Hurt comes from any relationship dissolving. Such things can be possible to prevent. A few times they are unable to be prevented. Life tends to be complicated that way. Individuals like to think that they are evolving and collecting friends. Really they are simply into not being completely bored with their lives. It is a typical problem without a cure. 
                Loneliness can be good too. Thoughts like to race around the quiet mind. Studies force individuals together. Whether those students have anything in common is doubtful. School indicates that the world is knowable. Knowledge teases the world. If a person gets smarter and smarter they begin to understand exactly what they do not know. That realization hurts. Ignorance can be bliss because with the right amount of ignorance everything becomes infinitely simple. 
                People try to be simple. Children have their lives as the simplest they can possibly have it. These things are common to everyone. Memory allows a person to go back to a separate time before their life got complications, emotional, work, and love. As a child everything is easy. The inner child follows a person throughout their life as more complications are poured over making the inner child increasing difficult to reach. Yet people continue to soldier through their lives unaware of whatever comes next, only aware of what has happened.


Crystal Castles - Magic Spells


Anne Sexton, The Art of Poetry No. 15


Anne Sexton, The Art of Poetry No. 15

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“I was the girl who didn’t realize that the things I chose to love were never meant to be seen in any real, human way.”

– Alison Espach, The Adults