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I don’t think telling someone ‘don’t feel sad’ will console them
you need to do whatever you can to make them feel better
whenever your actions make them feel sad and not stop until they feel better
read my text message and think about it
you just never seem happy with me anymore
even if i make you laugh
i think the damage i’ve done has become irreversible
i’m surrounded by endless shit
i can’t move
where are you
i just had a dream where i came to nyc but i didn’t tell you
and i took the subway to your apartment and waited for your roommate to come out so i could sneak in then i went into your room
and crawled under your sheets from the end of your bed and crawled to your face
and kissed you and then pet and hugged you
and we fell asleep
happy birthday
i drew you an ugly fish comic
will you visit me today?
i want to hold you and kiss your face
i miss walking with you at night

— Tao Lin, “Are You Okay?”

(Source: beautyisanillusion)

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